If you choose to itemize on your federal income tax return instead of using the standard deduction, every eligible expense you find can save money. Here’s a list of easily overlooked deductions.

  • Points paid by you on a new home loan.
  • Points paid by a seller on your behalf.
  • Points paid when you refinance your home mortgage (typically deductible pro rata over the life of the loan).
  • Remaining undeducted points on a prior refinancing when you refinance again.
  • Actual out-of-pocket expenses or a standard rate of 14¢ a mile for use of your vehicle while volunteering for a charity.
  • Disaster losses not reimbursed by insurance.
  • Job-hunting travel and telephone expenses.
  • Employment agency and job counseling fees.
  • Costs for résumé preparation.
  • Union or professional association dues.
  • Specialized work clothing and small tools used at work.
  • Fees paid for the preparation of your tax return.
  • Gambling losses to the extent of your winnings.

Be aware that special rules apply to different categories of itemized deductions. For example, certain “miscellaneous” itemized deductions must exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) before you benefit. Similarly, medical expenses are deductible only to the extent your out-of-pocket costs are greater than 10% of your AGI when you’re under age 65.

In addition, overall itemized deductions may be limited when your income exceeds certain thresholds.

For a complete list of what you can deduct, please contact our office. We’ll help you get the most from your itemized deductions.