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The Insight Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Insight Accounting Solutions’ continued success lies in our ability to build meaningful relationships with our clients.  Both IAS and our clients’ goals will be met by providing full spectrum, financial and accounting services.

Insight Accounting Solutions Tri-Cities, WA

Mission Statement


We believe that insightful entrepreneurs leading flourishing small businesses are the cornerstone of a healthy economy.


Insight Accounting Solutions strives to profoundly impact our local & regional economy by engaging its innovative and enthusiastic team to share their wisdom and experience to foster a community of motivated, financially fluent, successful entrepreneurs.


Cultivate inspiration and confidence

Focus on the future

Continual improvement = Kaizen

Client focused:

  • Provide timely, accurate and relevant information to decision-makers
  • Educate clients to increase their level of business understanding
  • Provide tools and services to propel clients toward success
  • Evaluate risk management to promote success and avoid undue hardship
  • Commitment to prompt response and mutual respect
  • Proactively explore new ideas (challenge the status quo)
  • Provide services that clients need, including those not traditionally provided by accounting firms

Staff focused:

  • Invest in team members by providing education and growth opportunities
  • Provide a culture of collaboration, safety, empathy and openness
  • Provide a gratifying & positive work environment
  • Providing staff with opportunities to make a positive difference in others’ lives and in our local and regional community.

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