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Outsourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Services

Most entrepreneurs got into business because they had a passion for their industry.  They generally possess a skill set for the industry, but do not usually have a background in finance or management.  For those business owners who desire assistance from a team member without having to incur the expense of hiring a highly skilled employee, we offer contract CFO services.

Insight CFO Solutions:

  • Managing issues relating to financial management, profit optimization and  capital efficiency
  • Identifying, quantifying and managing risk
  • Ensuring accuracy of recording transactions
  • Formulating long term business plans, forecasts and budgets
  • Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance
  • Review daily operations & prepare reports for management
  • Running month end systems reports and checking integrity
  • Formulating financial statements
  • Liaising with banks
  • Identifying and reporting on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Benchmarking performance against plans and industry standards

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